Bertha is cloning herself!!!

I can’t believe it’s happening to my Windows XP laptop I got for graduation on May 23, 2016. Yes, I do call the graduation laptop “Bertha”.


What is Bertha cloning herself into? 

A Dell Latitude D610. For real, and Bertha’s an HP Pavilion ZE4540US.


Why is Bertha cloning herself?

  1. Battery problems, won’t charge above 86-87%.
  2. Screen is floppy.
  3. Crystal Disk Info reports 65,537 Reallocated Sectors.
  4. USB 1.1, which is too slow.
  5. HEAT!!!
  6. Slow

So the clone shouldn’t do this.

Software the clone will have installed:

  1. Microsoft Works Suite 2003. Although the clone will be a 2005 laptop, the clone will still use 2003 due to the original Bertha being from 2003.
  2. Microsoft Office Professional 2003. Including: Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003, Microsoft Office Project 2003, Microsoft Office Visio 2003, and Microsoft Office OneNote 2003. This version of Office is gooder on Windows XP than it is on newer although it will work on newer.
  3. Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition 3.0. This 1998 imaging app I always install on my Windows XP computers. This is a slimmed down version of Photo Shop.
  4. ClearType Tuner. For those who don’t know what ClearType is, it is a font smoothing feature introduced in Windows XP. It makes laptops a lot better to look at what’s on the screen.
  5. 3D Windows XP. This is a screensaver that no longer exists on the Microsoft Website.
  6. Speech SDK 5.1. This is for Windows XP ONLY! It adds the “Microsoft Mike” and “Microsoft Mary” voices to Windows XP as well as the language pack adds a Chinese male voice named “Microsoft Simplified Chinese”.
  7. XPS Essentials Pack. I will only add this if the clone has Service Pack 3.
  8. Windows PowerShell. A modern alternative to Command Prompt.
  9. BitLocker To Go Reader. Only if this clone has Service Pack 3.
  10. Microsoft Anna. A good text to speech voice. This can actually be installed on Windows XP.
  11. Fun Packs and PowerToys. Some cool addons that the Microsoft Web site no longer has up. Microsoft seems to be obsessed with taking down downloads.
  12. Windows Journal Viewer. I found this on the real Bertha.
  13. Windows Media Bonus Pack for Windows XP. Some cool addon I found in 2014.
  14. Microsoft Color Control Panel. Don’t know why I need this.
  15. CyberLink PowerDVD 5.7. This is a Dell disc I own.

This is what Bertha’s clone will look like.