How to make Windows XP less buggy

I have found a solution to make my Windows XP computers less buggy. Unlike you all I know on YouTube who have Windows XP computers who have zero-bugs on their collectible or in businesses in my area who still use this operating system. Here’s how I did it for my Windows XP computers in my house:

Service Pack 3 (MOST MOST important unless the disc has it):

Internet Explorer 8 (unless your disc has it, also required even if you don’t use it):

Alternatively, you can install Internet Explorer 7 on a collectibe laptop that does not go online (2004 and older, without SSE2, Pentium III, etc):

Latest version of Firefox 52.9 ESR for Windows XP (required):

Opera 36 (latest that will work on Windows XP, if you don’t use Firefox, required even if you don’t use it):

Adobe Reader XI:

Windows Media Player 11:

Pale Moon (Firefox Lookalike) for Windows XP:

Java 8:

I’ve installed all of those except Windows Media Player 11 and my Windows XP computers seem to work fine for now.

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