Things I hate

Here is a list of things that I hate:

  1. iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, 10s, 10s Max, and 10r. The reason: Requires “Mac OS X 10.11.6” or higher. Unfortunately, that is actually the latest that will work with mine (mid 2009 white). iPhone 11 in 2019 will require macOS 10.12. So I cannot use an modern iPhone with mine.
  2. Dolly Wood. The reason: Wayyyyyyyyyy to far from where I live.
  3. Real Roller Coasters (NOT video game ones). The reason: I’ll die on one.
  4. Shorts. The reason: Reasons I can’t explain.
  5. Newborn, hairless and toothless, non walking or talking babies that can’t use the toilet yet. The reason: So creepy and ugly. Spend too much money on one, which is why I don’t have one or want one.
  6. Mayonnaise. The reason: I always gag and try to throw up when I have something with it.
  7. Disney World. The reason: Even further than Dolly Wood.