Windows 10, 8, and 7 Mods

Here are some mods I plan on doing on my favourite Windows 10 computers, formally known as “Mark” and “Rose*”:

Windows 10 light wallpaper (Mark and Rose*) (unless when either fixed have 1903):

Enable CTRL+ALT+DELETE for User account control (Mark and Rose*):

Presentations mode context menu (Mark only):

Enable the Narrator Quick start guide (Mark and Rose*):

Take ownership (Mark only):

Surface Go wallpaper (Rose* only):

Ultimate Performance power plan (Mark only):

Adminstatror Tools unlock full (Mark only):

Enable Mobility Centre on desktop (Jarvis only):

Enable MSI files in Safe Mode (Everybody** only):

Add energy saver in battery settings (Mark and Rose*):

Add Devices and Printers to This PC (Mark only):

Add Open With… to .url files (Mark and Rose*):

Empty Recycle Bin context menu (Mark only):

Power options context menu (Mark and Rose*):

Restart Explorer context menu (Mark and Rose*):

Optimise drives context menu (Mark only):

Classic Personalisation (Mark and Rose*):

Settings desktop context menu (Mark and Rose*):

Former Windows 10S background (Mark only):

Taskbar clock show seconds (Mark only):

About Windows context menu (Mark and Rose*):

Classic themes for Windows 10 (Mark and Rose*):

Blue folder icons (Mark only):

Detailed login/logoff messages (Mark only):

With all the Mark exclusives, Mark will be a beffy, b******, bad***, mother******* manly masculine computer. He will have to have a masculine flash drive if I could find one cheap enough. Hell, he’s even getting a f****** WD Black 1TB Mobile Performance Hard Drive 7200RPM and even Windows 10 64bit. Mark may sacrifice some battery life, but he will sure be a man then! Maybe Mark will maybe, just maybe, even be faster now! By the way. Mark is an HP 15-ay041wm Touchscreen Notebook PC purchased from Walmart on 2/25/17. Mark is also getting the light wallpaper which will also come to Rose* as seen here:

Mark and Rose’s* new Windows 10 light wallpaper.

and an exclusive Windows 10S wallpaper as seen here:

Mark’s exclusive Windows 10S wallpaper.

And as for Rose*, she will get her own wallpaper, the coveted Surface Go wallpaper:

The Suface Go wallpaper mentioned below. This is Rose’s* exclusive wallpaper. Rose has her an exclusive wallpaper. Mark has him one too.

Now with Rose*, I don’t know if she can be fixed. There is actually a screw on her I can’t seem to get off***. But if I can get Rose fixed, she will finally grow from girl to woman just like Ruby did. Rose is a red Dell Inspiron 11-3168 2-in-1 laptop 4GB RAM, hopefully if working and screen work and 100% keyboard unlike Ruby, Rose should get 120GB SanDisk SSD Plus solid state drive. The only Rose exclusive is the Surface Go wallpaper because the Surface Go wallpaper seemed to unprofessional or rather “girly” for Mark.

Now Mark will get the true Microsoft Works 8.5, which can read EVERYTHING, Rose will get WIMPY Microsoft Works 9 which reads Works 7 and newer Documents. Both of which DO work on Windows 10. How is Microsoft Works 9 wimpy? Won’t open 1999 Works documents from floppy disks. Even if they’re good. But Works 9 is to prove Rose is newer than Mark.

*That is if Rose is fixable

**Everybody means all computers.

***Reason why I can’t get the bottom cover off of Rose.